Profiling people on their clothes ?

I`m interested what people this about this way of profiling ?
Few of my friend and i where discussing this theme in school the other day...
Do you think its possible to determ  what kind of music are people listening to by only looking at their cloths ?
My own opinion is.... yes !
In my case,i can easily say what thy of music does person listen dressed like this ,(rock in this case)

and someone dressed like this ! :>

I wanna know your opinions on this profiling of people,do you think it works and why ?

What type of music do you listen ? Give me some details and ill make post about it !

And finally,finishing with an awsome Nero remix :


  1. Well, on one hand, clothes are a way of expression. But also people get the wrong idea and misinterpret the way people dress. So I think it really depends on both the person judging and the person wearing the clothes on whether not the assumptions are correct.

  2. i deffinately profile people, and fully expect to get profiled lol

    Soma Shank Tank

  3. Agree with Yenaa,its not always correct.

  4. Agree,it doesnt always have to be correct.But in my experience,90% of people wearing black leather jacket,have long hair and prefer old style shoes or ones with metal in them,prefer rock over hip-hop and emotional songs.